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In 1947, with only months remaining until the partition of British-administered Palestine, an American freighter captain smuggles European Jewish refugees ashore under the nose of the British authorities.
Cynical freighter captain Mike Dillon hopes to take the money and run after helping to smuggle Jewish refugees ashore in pre-Israel Palestine. But against his will, he's drawn into the escalating fight between British occupation forces and the founders of Israel. In a battle doubly terrible because the audience sympathizes with both sides, how long can Mike remain a bystander?
PREDATING THE PRODUCTION and release of EXODUS by about a dozen year or so, this film presents us with a fictional account of the movement toward a Jewish Homeland. Basing the story on real life incidents that occurred involving the smuggling of mostly European Jews into the Holy Land, doing so in spite of regulations to the contrary imposed by the British; who controlled Palestine ever since the end o World War I.<br/><br/>ADDITIONALLY, Resistance WAS given by he various Arab peoples who lived there. This is the first dramatization of conflicts and problems which exist right down to this very day, hour and minute.<br/><br/>THE CAST ASSEMBLED was again most capable, talent-laden and appropriately seasoned. Headed up by Dana Andrews (as a cynical, world- weary gentile ship captain), he is ably assisted and supported by: Marta Toren, Stephen McNally, Jeff Chandler, Phillip Friend Hugh French, Liam Redmond and even Hayden Roarke. Many others also participated.<br/><br/>IN HORT, CYNICAL ship&#39;s captain (Dana Andrews) has a deep change of hart and a veritable Epiphany concerning hi view of lie and the World itself. His cold, indifferent attitudes slowly get eroded as he observes the determination of those displaced, penniless people, braving it all; in an all or nothing drive to settle in and found the modern State of Israel.<br/><br/>THE ACTIONS PORTRAYED, as well as the characters depicted, were largely symbolic and intended to rally World-wide support for the home-lander movement. We vividly recall one particular exchange among those lines. When Capt. Dillon (Mr. Andrews)) discovers a rebel soldier to be from Ireland and asks him just why he is there. All decked out in his best uniform of the IRA, the Irishman answers; &quot;Because this is where this fight is!&quot; <br/><br/>A VERY MEMORABLE scene featuring Christmas Eve in Bethlehem closes out the movie&#39;s emotional appeal to America and the World, regardless of whatever one&#39;s religion may be.
I saw the movie when I was a kid and love every minute of it. I always thought that attacks on the British in Palestine was a rare thing. When I got the book A Job Well Done about the British Palestine Police Force, I surprise how often the Jews particularly the Irgun and the Sten gang fought the British starting in 1943 until 1948. They attack the police stations, RAF airfields, and British Army camps especially after the end of World War II. They also sabotage the oil pipeline going into Palestine and blowing up the railroad lines that would have made Lawrence of Arabia proud. I love the way Dana Andrew&#39;s character change his mind in not identifying the leader of the resistance movement after seeing those refugees line up against barbered wire. His character must have saw a similar situation in Europe with the Jews or in Asia with all those Allied POWs in the Japanses camps. Its amazing how anti-Jewish feelings among the people in Europe and American resurface shortly after the end of World War II.<br/><br/>The only problem I had was where the Jews had attack the camp, and despite total surprise, the British manage to get their guns and inflict casualties on the Jews while suffering few of their own. If those were German soldiers in movie, they would been mow down.

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